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Come Alive Productions is a one stop shop for all production services in Australia, providing a happy and welcoming production base away from home. Our team has the ability to see the vision and offer creative solutions by delving deep into the complexities of every production.  We love to find quick solutions to all the challenges of the ever changing needs of a production.

We can assemble the most professional production crew with world class camera and  audio teams, creatives, producers and production staff.  Australian crew are hard working, versatile, professional, friendly and have a great reputation across the globe.

We know that finding the right location can be the difference between a good shoot or a GREAT shoot.  A location can make or break a shoot and a budget, which is why a local fixer is critical for visiting productions.  Come Alive will find the perfect balance between securing the most beautiful and exotic Australian landscapes and delivering within the given budget.

We collaborate with executives, creatives and line-producers to produce the best creative and budgeting solutions.  

We also create our own content and provide production services for local creatives. From national TVC’s to international events and original content for tv that has been created, produced and delivered to SBS Australia, CCTV China and Amazon Prime.

From a two-person shoot to productions travelling with over 150 members to top rating original content viewed by over 269 million internationally; we have delivered it all.

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.


Karlene Meenahan
Andrew Thomas

The reason for the success of Come Alive Productions is due to the multi-faceted background of its directors. 


Founder, Karlene Meenahan has a broad background in writing, directing and producing for TV, film and live broadcasts.  Andrew Thomas joined the team as Managing Director and brought with him a broad range of experience in business management, production management, technical expertise, producing and fixing services. Andrew is also a fully licenced and insured drone operator. This experience has helped to take Come Alive to a new level as the company continues to grow strongly.

For television, the Come Alive team have some big-name production credits to their names, both locally and internationally.  The Mole (Netflix) The Amazing Race (World Race Productions), The Amazing Race Australia (Channel 7 & 10), Below Deck (Mountain View Productions), Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet), Naked & Afraid (Discovery), Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin (ABC – USA), Real Housewives of Melbourne & Sydney (Foxtel), Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (Warners), Worlds Toughest Truckers (Dragonfly UK), Who Do You Think You Are? (Shed Media USA),

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