Client Reviews

Street Outlaws vs The World

Street outlaws vs The World

David R - Line Producer

Our project spanned the entire country, with a sprawling production featuring over 250 crew members, numerous diverse locations, and a multitude of last-minute changes. Throughout our journey, Andrew and his team at Come Alive Productions were instrumental in meticulously crafting and executing plans and solutions that effectively navigated every challenge that arose.
Come Alive's deep understanding of creative development, local and national government regulations, location scouting, crew sourcing and management resulted in a seamless execution.
In my opinion, Come Alive Productions sets the standard for production service companies with their extensive industry knowledge, and unwavering dedication to ensuring the success of their clients' projects.
Farmtruck & AZN Downunder

Farmtruck & AZN Downunder

Daily Show with John Stewart

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Pam D - Supervising Producer

We really appreciate all the work you did for us.  You’ve been the best, most professional producer/production manager/fixer that we’ve ever worked with on a remote, and we sincerely hope to work with you again!

Please stop by our studio if you ever find yourself in NYC.  

Daily Show with Trevor-Noah

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Ocean Treks

Jeanette J - Senior Producer

Thank you so much for your hard work and time to make our week of filming so wonderful. We really appreciated your time & effort and hope to work with you again in the future.

Vol 920 v2

Annie H - Producer

I just want to take some time to say thank you. I am very happy with how everything went. Everything was well planned, organized and you were always available to help and support the team. So far, in the 4 countries where we filmed, you have been the best "local facilitator"; it felt good and simple 🙂 

I think the segment that we filmed in Australia will be a big success.

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