From the red dirt in the Australian outback to the world's oldest rainforest on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

Follow a journey from Uluru, a 550 million year old massive sacred sandstone monolith through to the sparking sails of the famous Opera House on Sydney Harbour. We can also add in Melbourne, known as the cultural melting pot of one of the most liveable cities in the world. Or take your choice of Coober Pedy in the middle of Australia, where your imagination can place you on Mars or on the desert planet of M16-117; or the outback of Broken Hill where Mad Max started it all!

The team at Come Alive has facilitated filming in all these locations and many more. Their unrivalled knowledge of the vast Australian landscape and their local contacts in each location will help provide a seamless production.


Australia, being such a vast continent, has many authorities, governments and local councils to navigate when seeking permission to film.  We know the right person to approach in each city, council or private location and it's something that can only be achieved with years of practical experience.  Knowing when to apply for a permit through National Parks, National Trust, State, Federal government or local councils comes second nature to the team at Come Alive.  Deciding when to go a less expensive and easier to navigate route with a private property without diminishing the creative can only be advised with experience.  
The team at Come Alive have experience filming on location in every corner of the country, have access to studio spaces both big and small and a contact list of agencies at their finger tips for houses and properties of all proportions.

Why Australia continues to be a honeypot for local film and TV productions

According to a statement from Screen Australia to The New Daily, 
“Australia has a strong reputation as a leading destination for international productions, thanks to our stunning and diverse physical locations, our talented and hard-working cast and crew, and our world-class facilities.
“On top of this, we have some of the most competitive support frameworks in the world for domestic and international production,” the statement read.


The Newdaily - January 2022

Australia is a world-class location for filmmaking. 

“Australia is a world-class location for filmmaking.  Many big-budget movie and television productions are filmed in Australia, or feature the work of Australijan post-production, digital and visual effects companies. 
Australia is a popular and world-class destination for filmmakers because of our lifestyle and spectacular and diverse locations.  Australia offers:
  • Well-respected and sought after crews and creative talent
  • Exceptional casts and internationally recognised technical facilities
  • Oscar™ winning production services
  • a collaborative network of film agencies committed to supporting screen production.”


Australian Government - Office of the arts

Australia has everything you need to make your screen production a success.

Australia offers world-class film studios, a wide range of inspiring locations, depth of experienced crews, Oscar- winning talent and competitive film and TV production incentives which make for cost-effective productions. 
Australia has a wealth of experience in producing feature films, TV series, documentaries and animations and continually delivers excellence to filmmakers from around the world.



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